Trends of Czech Foreign Policy:
Study of Foreign-Policy Elites

What is the perception of international affairs and the Czech Republic's position in global politics among those who directly influence the formulation and implementation of foreign policy? Striving to provide at least a partial answer was the principal aim of the Trends of Czech Foreign Policy: Study of Foreign-Policy Elites. The survey mapped the views of more than a hundred Czech politicians, diplomats, journalists and experts. The questions covered a wide range of topics, including the Czech Republic's role in the world, her bilateral and multilateral relations as well as current international issues.

The results are available as


  • The most important FP themes are energy, the development of the EU and the global economy.
  • EU and NATO are considered the key international organizations; the importance of other institutions is viewed more sceptically.
  • Within the EU, the respondents predict a tendency towards a 'multi-speed Europe'.
  • The future development of transatlantic relations will be marked by the United States' retreat from European politics.
  • Germany is viewed as the most important partner, followed by the USA and Slovakia.
  • Slovakia, Germany and Poland are the most highly-rated partners; Russia, China and Ukraine stand at the other end of the scale.